Förändringar i behandling med Mabthera

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    Tjena, has anyone got letter from Centrum för neurologi about future treatments with Mabthera/Rituximab? Now the treatment will be given between 12-24 months (it depends how many doses you received before). I was wondering why is it ok now to get treatment every year or two years and before it was every 6 months? Tack

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    I agree, and I also wonder how everything is different now

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    Hello!!! I have gone from Mabthera to Rixathon .. My doctor said after the seventh treatment it will be every 1 year..Because you feel better .. Because the white plaque does not increase in the iron anymore.

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    Yes, I’ve got 3 dose Mabthera, last was after the pregnancy ( 6 months after) but I was feeling great. All the blood results were perfect but because it was long period without medicine doctor told me to take. And that is why I do not understand why is now ok to be long period without medicine??

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    I’ve got again letter about testing for the antibodies for Covid-19 from neurology center because I am in CombatMs studien. In the letter if I understood correctly they changed decisions about medicine. They want to continue with Mabthera every 6 months again? Now I do not understand why they changed decision?

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      I think that’s because neurologists are learning more and more about Covid-19 and various MS medications. Early data shows that MS patients seems to be underrepresented in the ICU. Rheumatologists seems to use Mabtherasom as usual.

      I recently received Rituximab (biosimilar to Mabthera) and do not feel the least bit worried after about increased risk for severe Covid-19.

      But … feel free to ask COMBAT-MS. Because I’m very curious about what they say.

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    I am also very curious. I am not worried about Covid-19 at all. Just want to know little more about everything.

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    I took Mabthera september 2017. I haven’t taken any medication since then and I haven’t had any episodes nor felt sick. I feel completely normal.

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      Mycket bra att höra den du skriver. Jag är mycket glad för din skull och önskar dig all lycka i livet. 🙋‍♂️

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      @ebbahbl so you do not take Mabthera every six- eight months?

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      No I don’t. I used to take it Twice per year but I got major complications because of it, therefore I Will change medications but at the moment i guess mabthera is still protecting me from Episodes of MS.

      I don’t mean to Scare anyone by telling you about my complications, mabthera is a great medication, just not for me.

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